OSRM routing server using OpenStreetMap data

This server provides route instructions for a few select modes of transportation. It uses free and open data from the collaborative OpenStreetMap project with the routing engine OSRM. The servers are sponsored by FOSSGIS.


Map related questions are best asked at one of the places mentioned on openstreetmap.org/help

For questions about the routing engine software, OSRM, there is the mailinglist osrm-talk

You can contact the system administrators at fossgis-routing-server@openstreetmap.de


Your request for a route is sent to our server (because the route is calculated on the server and only displayed in your browser) and is saved in the server log file. Please see Datenschutzerklärung for more information on privacy.

Usage policy

The full usage policy can be found on the fossgis website in German. Here a short excerpt:

General setup

There are three servers, one is continuously preparing the routing graph and fetching the most recent OpenStreetMap data, while the two others are serving routes from the precalculated graphs.

The three servers have 6 cores and 256GB ram each.

Used software

Most software running on the servers is available as open source. Debian 10 is used as operating system.

OSRM backend

Currently running v5.27.1

OSRM frontend

routing profiles

The routing profiles used for these servers. They differ from the profiles included with the OSRM-backend sources, especially the bike and foot profiles.

Overview of routing data updates

The routing data are updated roughly every two days. There may be delays in the internal processing and creation of the routing diagram.